Where me-time makes perfect sense.

Welcome to your go-to space.

Your pause place. Your time-out zone.


Book some me-time for sensory self-care today, and get back your zest for life. 

Why was Sensology created?

Sensology was created to offer a niche one-stop wellness and beauty space where the busy parent and professional can invest in sensory self-care, draw inspiration from wellness workshops, and benefit from exclusive products that include natural and organic options.

 Sensology is the second home and brainchild of Julie Murray. 



What sets Sensology apart?


Sensology is not your conventional salon or spa. Instead, It is your go-to space, your pause place, and your timeout zone. Whenever you need to get back your zest for life, through sensory self-care to restore your body, mind, and soul, we are here for you.

To accommodate the busy parent and professional, our hours are flexible, our wellness and beauty treatments time-efficient, our multitasking approach smart , and our WiFi free.


Whether you prefer to unplug and mute your phone to reduce stress and restore energy, or whether you prefer to stay connected and multitask online while we perfect your pedicure, our skilled therapists work around your needs to help you make the most of your valuable time.


Operating hours 


9h00 to 17h00

Tuesday to Friday

9h00 to 18h00

‘Wait for you’ Wednesday

9h00 to 21h00



8h00 to 15h00

Open on public holidays excluding Easter Sunday and Christmas Day

Info & Bookings

T: 010 900 0395

E: info@sensologysa.co.za


59 4th Avenue



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